OttoConsulting offers customized and personalized consulting on vital strategic and business planning, technology transfer, and partnership formations to entrepreneurs, start-ups, small and mid-sized companies, investors, and research institutions.

OttoConsulting’s success is built on close client interaction, on OttoConsulting's outstanding listening, strategic thinking, communication, analytical, synthesis, and creativity skills, which lead to the results our clients are looking for. Together we will reduce uncertainties and risks of turning new technologies into new products. We will arrive faster and less expensively at better solutions for progress and success.

OttoConsulting knows how to work with inventors to build a successful business, knows how to obtain product specifications from prospective customers so that a customer base already exists when the new product hits the market, and OttoConsulting knows what investors are looking for when they consider investing in the new venture – OttoConsulting has the experience to combine all stakeholders, including inventors, customers, and investors to create and grow a business.  Contact OttoConsulting to explore with us how we can help and make it happen for you!

Initial consultations are always free.  OttoConsulting wants to ensure that our services will be of value to our customers before we begin work.

Here is a list of some of our clients.  These organizations have seen the value we can bring to their organizations and have put our experience to work for them.

  • Austrian Research Corporation