Research Institution or Corporation

Do you consider spinning off a new business, based on research results of your employees?

we provide validation of your plans and opportunities, and we can support you and your employees in making your opportunities a reality!

Do you need help in planning the new business?

we provide the plan development and implement milestones to accomplish the plan.

Do you need support in selecting staff and in raising funds?

we  provide expertise and know-how.

Please read about the Technology Transfer Preparations before proceeding with any step towards commercialization of an invention. OttoConsulting can help to significantly improve the likelihood of making the right decisions concerning patenting and how to turning one of your most valuable assets, an invention, into a monetary reward. It will also be of interest to you to see how OttoConsulting would be able to help in some of your commercialization pursuits, shown in the Technology Transfer Process section. 

Depending on where you are in your business development planning process, our services include:

·        business idea analysis and recommendations

·        patent status and intellectual property right clarification

·        technology analysis and recommendations

·        product idea analysis and recommendations

·        market and customer identification

·        opportunity and threat analysis and recommendations

·        competitor analysis and recommendations

·        analysis of strategic advantages

·        regulatory requirement analysis

·        establishment of a strategic business plan

·        establishment of a specific business plan for

fundraising, for

corporate partnering, and for

product-to-market plan implementation

·        fundraising support

grant writing

business plan presentation to angels, venture capital, corporate partners

·        business set-up advice

·        staffing and partnering advice

·        support in the realization of the plan

We also suggest also reading about the Investment Decision Steps to increase success in raising the required funds by better understanding the investors’ view of your business and the facts which peak their interest in making an investment in your enterprise.

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OttoConsulting not only knows what to do for you – it, most importantly, knows how to do it!