OUR COMMUNITY     Facts About Technology Transfer

Investment Decision Steps

Investment decisions, whether they are made within a company in order to finance internal TT, or by individuals, angel groups, venture capitalists, lending institutions, or corporate partners, will always be based on due diligence results.

Due diligence commonly focuses on a set of criteria, such as the ones displayed in four groups in the flow chart below.


  • OttoConsulting’s main contributions to an investor’s due diligence efforts would concern the assessment section of the flow chart. In particular, OttoConsulting would provide its special skills in analyzing the advantages, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as the readiness of the new technology for its intended use. 

  • OttoConsulting would collaborate interactively with the investor’s due diligence team and would invigorate its information gathering and constructive critique delivery skills to make unique contributions to other aspects of the “assessment” section of the investor’s due diligence. 

  • OttoConsulting has unique advantages in providing the best results: it employs project-specific experts and companies, including information-selective data banks. In addition, OttoConsulting uses state-of-the-art strategic planning techniques and customer interview methods and incorporates market data selection, product development management, lean manufacturing, and six sigma techniques. Above all, OttoConsulting makes specific efforts to review the distinctiveness of the client’s human resources, organizational structures, and policies, which will be essential in order to make the TT process successful.