OttoConsulting now has an office in Europe          March 2007

Otto Prohaska is pleased to announce that he has opened his new European office outside of Vienna, in Krems, Austria.  

The European office allows OttoConsulting to better follow, on both sides of the ocean, the demand for his expertise in Technology Transfer and his knowledge of business practices for the support of corporate expansion plans.   

One of OttoConsulting's specialties is to bridge cultural differences and to turn them into forces which accelerate the business expansion efforts of U.S. companies into European markets and of Austrian and other European companies into the U.S. market.    

OttoConsulting can offer, in close collaboration with you, active support in the corporate partner and location search, as well as in partnership and collaborative agreement negotiations, which could contribute to the substantial reduction of expansion time and cost.  

The address of OttoConsulting in Austria is: 


Margarethenstrasse 12
A-3500 Krems
Tel: +43 (0) 2732-75935
Mobil: +43 (0) 676-775-7147


Please contact us for more information.

Alpbach Report          September 2006

Otto Prohaska was invited to speak during August 2006 about Technology Transfer at the renowned annual “European Forum Alpbach” in Tyrol, Austria. 

Over 4000 participants discussed technology related issues as they are evolving in the worldwide competition in the markets of the fast-paced knowledge economy. Participants considered political, industrial, cultural, philosophical, and healthcare impacts on countries around the world.

Otto Prohaska’s presentation included the topics:
· Technology Transfer from Universities to companies in the U.S.
· Key elements of a successful Technology Transfer.

The presentation is available upon request.

The European Forum Congress Center is, in part, built underground to minimize visual impact on the environment. The spiral-shaped gallery with floor-to-ceiling glazing allows for a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains. 


The earliest documents which refer to Alpbach date from 1150.  The European Forum Alpbach was initiated in 1945 and developed into an annual conference where important present-time topics are reviewed and means of shaping the future are discussed.

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OttoConsulting LLC in Europe          August 2006

Otto Prohaska was invited to give a talk on Technology Transfer at the very prestigious European Forum in Alpbach, Austria, in August of 2006;  

Mr. Prohaska will speak about features that are essential for success in technology transfer and the significance of technology transfer for trade and industry growth in the fast-changing knowledge economy. Mr. Prohaska's was invited to speak because of his outstanding technology transfer and business development expertise and his business experience in the U.S. and abroad. 

Attendees from 59 countries will participate in the European Forum to discuss future opportunities and the means of making these opportunities a reality. The participants include leaders in industry, health care, science, and government, including Presidents, Secretaries of States, and Nobel Prize awardees. 

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